Iowa Supreme Court Retention Vote


MASON CITY, Iowa – Chief Justice Mark Cady, Justice Daryl Hecht and Justice Brent Appel are up for retention.

Hecht and Appel have been on the Iowa Supreme Court since 2006, while Cady has been since 1998.  Retention votes mean you don’t vote for a candidate against a candidate.  Instead, you vote yes or no.  If a majority of Iowans vote no then another judge will be appointed.  District Court Judge James Drew tells us judges don’t do a lot of campaigning.  Drew says the goal is to make sure a judge doesn’t come across as being influenced.

“The big thing for judges is to not only be impartial but to make sure we give the appearance of impartiality so that people don’t have reason to think that we’re being influenced by special interest groups,” Judge Drew said.

Some Iowans would say a controversial topic is driving voters to vote yes or no. These three justices were on the court when gay marriage was legalized across the state in 2008. In 2010, one judge who voted for it was ousted.

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