The Garner Community Christian Child Care Center


GARNER, Iowa – Shortages in childcare workers are taking place in Garner, but local church volunteers are coming together to help aid in this need.

“They were over their numbers, over the ratios, DHS have been in and visited many of them and had realized that there was a significant problem in the community,’ says Heather Gorder, Chairperson of The Garner Community Christian Child Care Center.

Because of the lack of options – church members from various organizations in the community are coming together to organize a non-profit Christian childcare center.

The idea came about after the Little Lamb Preschool at St. Paul Lutheran Church received several phone calls asking if the church has child care available.

“I know that there is a huge need and I know lots of the providers in town here are full and get calls even still to this day,” says Brenda Smith, Former Daycare Provider.

“Our biggest hindrance right now is financial needs of course for startup cost and we’re in the process of hiring a director and getting staff hired so that we can get this center open, says Gorder.

To gauge when parents are seeking out care for their children, a survey was sent out.

“Before and after school care that was one of the big inconveniences for the in-home as well as the need for summer childcare,” says Gorder.

As for Brenda, she says she is thankful to have her family to help with her kids.

“I’m at a stage in my life where we’re blessed that my mom is able to help us, so that I don’t have to look for daycare but I know if I was in that situation it will be stressful.”

The board plans to tentatively open the new childcare center in January and will be located in the former Head Start program room at St. Boniface Catholic Church.

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