Volunteers help clean up flood damage


ALBERT LEA, Minn.- Many residents in southern Minnesota and North Iowa might have everything all cleaned up from the floods this fall, but others in the area are still in need of some help.

The United Way in Albert Lea is teaming up with different organizations around town and the state to help clean up flood damage.

One of those groups is the Catholic United Financial Foundation. They have more than 85,000 members that help with flood cleanup around the Midwest.

They volunteered in different areas to clean up damage last month as well, but they’re back because there is still more work to be done.

“That’s the thing with flooding, it’s not just a one day event,” said Robert Heuermann, Executive Director for the Catholic United Financial Foundation. “It takes time for the water to go down and then people find out what they need, like, furnaces and furniture.”

While they are town, they are also helping to clean up a home that was destroyed in a fire last week.

“It’s to help get their lives back together and we help others because they’re in need,” said Heuermann. “It’s something that we want to do to give back.”

Groups from Wells Fargo bank and Albert Lea’s National Honor Society were also there Friday afternoon to lend a hand.


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