Patrol Officers Serving For A Good Cause


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – local state troopers are taking a break from serving citations and are serving food instead all for a good cause.

What started as a regular visit to come in and grab a bite, has now turned into an annual fundraiser where Iowa State Patrol serves customers coffee and food at 7 Stars Restaurant in Clear Lake.

Money spent on the food will benefit The Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank and Clear Lake Food Bank.

“The money goes to the local food bank which helps a lot of people who don’t have a lot of money around this time of year and it also provides people to get together and have coffee and just chat and have a good time,” says Sandy Rosser, Waitress.

Iowa State Troopers got a chance to trade in their hats for aprons, giving them a little glimpse at what it’s like being a waitress.

“A lot of times people see us and they associate us with bad news because either it’s a death in the family or maybe a citation or violation for traffic law. Anything like that it always has a negative connotation associated with it,” says Keith Kuenow, State Trooper.

“Most people don’t realize exactly what we do as a waitress, so to have them come in and do it from step-by-step doing this is kind of interesting and a lot more in depth than we thought and it’s good for them because they’re getting out there and actually talking one on one to the customers,” says Rosser.

As For State Trooper Kuenow, he says it feels good to be able make a positive impact on the community during this time.

“Which over the last year I’ve probably received more thank you’s for doing the job that I’ve done in my previous ten, so there’s a lot of positive community outreach and they are very positive today for this cause.”

They exceeded their goal by raising over $2,600 dollars.

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