Burglars target vehicles in West Concord


WEST CONCORD, Minn. – There was a rash of thefts from vehicles in a Dodge County community over the weekend.

The West Concord Police Department has issued a statement that nine vehicle burglaries happened on Saturday, apparently occurring between 2:30 and 4 am.  Eight of the vehicles were not locked and the ninth had a window smashed to get inside.

Police say they think multiple individuals were involved and they used a vehicle to transport the stolen items.  Among the things taken were cell phone chargers and hunting equipment.  Officers recovered a tablet and phone that may have been dropped by the burglars.

These thefts were discovered all over West Concord and were not concentrated in any one area.

Police say a black Lincoln Town Car was seen in the alley between Olive and Arnold streets in the 100 block while they believe the burglaries were taking place.

Anyone with information about these thefts is asked to call the West Concord Police Department at 507-527-2870.

Residents are also being encouraged to lock the doors to all their vehicles and never leave valuables inside.

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