Community members ensure everyone stays warm this winter


MASON CITY, Iowa –  With the recent warm temperatures we’ve received, many of us probably haven’t put much thought in to winter wardrobes, even though it’s November.

But local organizations such as Scarves for People are coming together to help those in need.

People are encouraged to donate gloves, hats and scarves by hanging them on a clothesline in Central Park.

“Last year was really touching because we had a family message saying that their whole family was so grateful and they were able to get items for everyone in their household and I just like it because sometimes it’s really hard to ask for help and this way you don’t have to, there’s no sign up, you just come and take whatever you need for your family,” says Caitlin True, Co-Founder.

The effort aids those like Donnie Timmons.

“It kind of helped me a little bit, you know it’s rough when you don’t have any money, you know, and some people don’t even have jobs to buy the things that they need. That’s why we need to come forth to these people.”

Sophia Walsh, a member of Hooked on Yarn, has been knitting hats and mittens for the past three years for those at New Beginning’s House of Hope.

“The folks that work there and the director they’ve been so appreciative and you can see through them that it’s really, really important for the organization,” says Walsh.

And even though it might be a while before these scarves, socks, and hats are needed, thanks to people like Caitlin True, these items will be here.


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