First Time Voting


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – Five students from Charles City High School can’t believe they now have a say in this presidential election.

“Both candidates are really hard to choose from because they both have good perspectives,” Tiffany Meyer said.

“Both candidates have good ideas. The background of those two are just so bad.  You hear all this stuff about the emails and all that from Clinton then you have Trump’s background with immigrants all that stuff,” Drew Mitchell said.

They watched the presidential debates.

“I thought all three debates were very unprofessional it was more taking shots at each other, not saying real policies,” Dave Djongoy said.

“I watched all the debates and I thought it was more of a Comedy Central roast then an actual debate,” Cody Cuccuini said.

Each student has a strong reason for wanting to cast their vote.

“They need to have the same values as you and you want to make sure the country becomes better, not make it worse,” Shantel Vanhauen said.

“Try to choose which candidates you like the most because you can’t complain about it all you want but if you didn’t vote, then you have no point in complaining,” Mitchell said.

Each student feels their vote will count, but they’re just not a fan of who they have to choose from.

Either way, many say this is an election they’ll never forget.

“You can’t just put anyone in the White House because if they can’t run the country, we’ll be in more trouble than we already are,” Cuccuini said.

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