Race Preview: Iowa US Senate Seat


KIMT News 3 On the last day before Election Day many candidates were out looking for last minutes support including those running for the Iowa US Senate seat.

Currently that position is held by Republican Senator Chuck Grassley. He is being challenged by Democratic candidate Patty Judge, the former Iowa Lieutenant Governor.

We asked each candidate questions that are issues to many Iowans. One of those is their position on the Trans Pacific Partnership deal, which both say they would support, but it needs work.

“Every agricultural job in Iowa says this is a good idea,” says Senator Grassley. “I do have two questions that need to be answered; one has to do with intellectual property and the other is manipulated currency.”

“If we can get labor to the table and we can get some of their issues addressed, like the environmental concern, then I would certainly be favorable to it,” says Judge. “Iowans need to trade too.”

As part of the US Congress, the Senate has a say in declaring war. Senator Grassley says he believes the Senate has enough say in the decision making processes, while Judges disagrees.

“I feel under the checks and balances of government, meaning the president is the commander and chief, and Congress has the power to appropriate declaring war and continue if we don’t want to if he uses the War Power Act,” says Grassley.

“We need to have that input with the idea of not playing political games and creating obstructions,” Judge says.

The congressional filibuster has made headlines with the Senate Democrats recently looking to rid of it, but both Senator Grassley and Judge say it is part of the political process.

“We operate under a 60 vote super majority and that 60 vote super majority gives the Senate minority an opportunity to participate,” says Grassley.

“It’s being overused, overplayed, but that is part of the game,” says the former Lieutenant Governor. “It is part of the obstruction that is going on, but their is a time and place for it, just not every day.”

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