Election relief


OSAGE, Iowa – Casting your vote seems like the cool thing to do on this Election Day — and it also seems to be a sigh of relief that the election is finally over.

“I’m glad it’s just about over.  America needs resolve, needs some answers, needs some change in this country and hopefully we get it soon,” Shaun Peterson from Osage said.

“There’s so much negativity that came along with this election that I’m ready to see people happy again, just like how happy I am that the election is over,” Megan Otto-Semerad from Osage said.

Filling in the squares may feel like a stress reliever and turning on the radio or TV may be enjoyable again after Election Day.

“I’m happy to stop hearing all the slang ads; those are starting to get old.  I’d rather get to the truth rather than the hearsay,” Peterson said.

“I’m sick of all the negative ads,” Helen Schmidt from Osage said.

After your ballot is cast, this election will be in the past.

“It was actually my first time voting, so it was nerveracking just because that one little vote can make a big impact,” Ottto-Semerad said.

All that’s left is seeing how the winners do in office.

“How relieved do you feel like you’ll be once you cast your vote?” Reporter asked.

“I’ve already voted,” Schmidt said with a wink and laugh.

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