Minnesota residents are voting on a constitutional amendment


ALBERT LEA, Minn. – People in Minnesota who are casting a vote on Tuesday will be able to vote for a constitutional amendment.

Bridge Community Church is a polling site in Albert Lea and election judges say it’s been busy all day. Everyone who voted has selected yes or no on a constitutional amendment.

It concerns lawmakers’ salaries — and if the amendment passes, then the Minnesota constitution will remove state lawmakers’ power to set their own salaries. Rather, a citizens-only council will decide how much legislators should make.

KIMT spoke with voters, and although some disagree on who should become the next president, everyone we spoke with had the same opinion on this issue.

“I voted yes that it’s appropriate to have a constitutional amendment to change the ability of legislators to decide their own pay,” said Jan Sease of Albert Lea.

“I think since we hire the lawmakers, we should be the ones that determine their salaries,” said Arlene Egerdal of Albert Lea.

If you decide to leave that section blank and not fill in the yes or no bubble on your ballot, then your vote will be considered no.


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