Race Reaction: Iowa House District 53


MASON CITY, Iowa – Sharon Steckman has proudly served in the Iowa House of Representatives since 2008 and will continue to do so, as she received enough votes to serve two more years.

“It’s humbling coming from so many of the folks in Mason City, Rockwell and my area that they have enough confidence in me to vote me back in,” Steckman said. “I’m excited to go work with them and just humbled by the support.”

Meanwhile, her challenger Republican Barb Hovland put up a tough fight and although it wasn’t the result she was hoping for, she was happy with how her supporters came out.

“Win or lose, it’s how I played the game and you know I got 40 percent of the votes,” Hovland said. “I feel really good about my first time ever running. There’s nothing that I would’ve done different, we took the high road, I didn’t go negative, I didn’t insult, I didn’t attack, so I feel really good about our campaign.”

Looking ahead to her fifth term in the Iowa House, Steckman says it’s all about uniting the state to fight for the issues that matter to Iowans the most.

“I’m looking forward to reaching across the aisle and getting some things done and I hope we can do that,” Steckman said. “I really do think it’s time for us to look out for Iowa’s water quality, to support education and mental health, Medicaid, to do the things that we are elected to do.”

Hovland said she will continue her work as the Cerro Gordo County GOP chairwoman.

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