Albert Lea School Board members selected


ALBERT LEA, Minn. – Some community members in southern Minnesota have expressed concerns over their school board members for the past few months — and now they’re seeing some change.

On Tuesday, 10 candidates ran for the Albert Lea School Board and voters were able to choose up to three of them.

During a public forum that was held last month, each candidate stated they wanted to see some change in leadership and focus on the students.

Ken Petersen is one of the winners. He previously served for nine years and after taking a break for eight years, he’s excited to get elected again.

“It’s not about us or the board or other people, but it’s about the kids, so if we keep focusing on that, things will go well,” said Petersen.

However, not only is putting the students’ best interests first important to Petersen, he also wants to make sure school board members are working together.

“I think it’s important on any board that everyone learns that if you disagree, that’s okay and you can move forward by moving forward as a group together and respect one another,” said Petersen.

Neal Skaar and Angie Hanson also won.

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