Reacting to a new president


PLYMOUTH, Iowa – Today’s a new day, with a new president to take office this January.

“After about 12:30 in the morning, I was pretty confident that Trump would win,” James Cooper from Plymouth said.

“It just surprised me, totally surprised me,” Darris Larson said next to his wife Nancy.

For those like Cooper, he’s happy to see Donald Trump taking the seat.

“I think it’s time for our country to have a little change and I think Trump has just enough stamina,” Cooper said.

Those like Nancy and Darris Larson, not so much.

“I can’t understand women or men who have wives, daughters, mothers and sisters, how they could vote for him the way he talks to women,” Darris Larson said.

One thing they’re both keeping in mind is the other party and how one should react to the news.

“Stand by our president I guess,” Cooper said.

“Trump is our president for four years. We’re going to have to support him and you just pray God will guide him,” Nancy Larson said.

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