Austin VFW fined for illegal gambling


ST. PAUL, Minn. – A football betting pool in Austin was one of a few gambling and alcohol violations found during a recent string of compliance checks around the state.

The checks were an annual join effort by the Minnesota Gambling Control Board and the Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division.  Agents visited 110 establishments in 12 cities and no violations were found in 97 percent of them.

However, the VFW in Austin was fined because an employee was conducting an illegal football poll, taking bets on individual NFL games and keeping a percentage of total bets placed.  It was one of six establishments checked in Austin.

Officials say most of the problems found were minor and a warning or onsite education was the only action taken.

“Working with establishments across the state to help educate businesses on the importance of serving alcohol responsibly and legally, and to help bars prevent illegal gambling is a top priority for us,” said Carla Cincotta director of Alcohol and Gambling Employment Division.  “Finding just a few violations in more than 100 establishments shows that bar owners and employees are taking their responsibility seriously, helping to ensure the public’s safety.”

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