“Preferred Alternative” reveled to those in Floyd


FLOYD, Iowa- The stretch of road on the Avenue of the Saints near the 218 intersection in Floyd is known to be a dangerous one to those who live in the small town.

“It is a hazard waiting to happen,” says Charlie Newman of Floyd.

On Wednesday the Iowa DOT is presenting their results from an environmental impact study as well as what’s known as the “preferred alternative”. The preferred alternative is the design the DOT believe will help make the area a little safer with the influx of truck traffic.

“We are looking for input from the community on the design,” says Pete Hjelmstad, the Field Service Coordinator for the Iowa DOT. “This is not yet a done deal though. This design needs to go through DOT staffers as well as the DOT Board of commissions.”

This design would cost around $23 million and would raise highway 18 over the 218 intersection. It would also close down about 7 smaller entrances and add turn lanes on a couple others, but for those like Charlie Newman, the sooner this project gets approved, the better.

“We’ve got to get through the approval process before we can be considered for funding on it and when the funds come in the sooner the better on something like this,” he says.

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