Veterans honored in Britt


BRITT, Iowa – Veterans will be honored across the country on Friday but at the Westview Care Center in Britt, they honored nine of their veterans Thursday. And one of those veterans is Jim Meurer who served in the Air Force during the Korean War.

“We tried getting in the Army my buddy and I to start out with, and they didn’t act like they really wanted us so we went to the Air Force, and thank the good Lord we went to the Air Force,” Meurer said.

HE says serving was one of the best things he did.

“We enjoyed it and they acted like you were something special,” Meurer said. “The service is wonderful.”

And for him and eight others, they received certificates and a big thank you from those in the center and community.

“A lot of them don’t maybe don’t want the recognition but I think it’s important that we remember it for them as a thank you for all their service and sacrifice that they have given their country,” Sandy Shear from Westview Care Center said.

But Meurer appreciates the gesture and knowing he did something to make his country proud.

“I love to be honored, or be privileged to be called on and it’s a great honor, it brings back memories,” he said.

Friends, family and community members were welcome to attend the ceremony.

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