Cakes for veterans


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – Those who served our country at Apple Valley Assisted Living in Charles City are being served up a sweet treat.

Reflecting on their time in war is something that can be hard or humbling.

“Oh I didn’t mind any of it.  We didn’t get paid anything, got 60 dollars a month,” Wayne Schumacher said, an Army Veteran.

We paid tribute to those like Wayne Friday.   Many are doing small gestures for their big sacrifice.

“People that served our country are here to protect us all,” Army Veteran Tom Grimm said.

Besides lunch, these veterans are getting a slice of appreciation.  Floyd County Veterans Affair Director Maria Deike dropped off a cake to several locations where veterans can’t make it out to celebrate.

“I think they’re more appreciative right now then they have been for a lot of years,” Air Force Veteran Donald Roths said.

“The theory behind it is we still need to reach out to the vets and spouses that are not able to get around.  We still need to celebrate their service to us,” Deike said.

Those like Donald say while it’s nice to be thanked one day a year, more wouldn’t hurt.

“How does it make me feel?” Reporter asked Roths.

“Proud,” Roths said.

“You think that should happen all the time?”

“Yes,” Roths replied with tears in his eyes.


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