Veterans Day at Soldiers Field Memorial


ROCHESTER, Minn. – Several businesses and restaurants throughout our area offered free meals or discount to veterans on Friday as a way to say “thanks.” There were also various Veterans Day celebrations and events taking place. On Friday evening, we stopped by Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial in Rochester. There was no planned event or presentation, just community members visiting the memorial and quietly walking around.

We met a Rochester mother whose son served four years in the Marines. She tells us that she wanted to stop by after she got of work to spend some time at the memorial and see the paver she bought in honor of her son. For her, it was a simple way she could honor her son and all veterans past and present.

“This is such a beautiful place and on such a beautiful night it’s easy to come down and just spend some time,” says Cindy Tiedeman. “Spend some time in deep thought and prayer and lift people up, families included. We forget how much they sacrifice too. I was fortunate that my son came back sound in mind, body and soul, but not everyone has that same story and that same good fortune, and I just wanted to remember them.”

A simple, yet meaningful way to celebrate Veterans Day 2016.


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