Veterans Day Presentation


MASON CITY, Iowa – “I think it’s absolutely crucial that we remember our veterans that we remember the sacrifices they’ve made and the services that they’ve had for the country and all of our wars,” says Bennett Smith, History and Political Science Instructor at North Iowa Area Community College.

A program to honor the service and sacrifice of all of the veterans, focusing on World War I, was held Friday at the school.

“It made a very significant impact because American firearms and men and martial and money were crucial to the allied victory of World War I and it did have a tremendous impact on the home front because we did lose over 117,000 men in that war,” says Smith.

Retired army veteran Bob Lembke listened in…

“To learn a little bit more about previous wars and World War I and what the veterans went through during that era and it’s also important for me to be here as a veteran because it’s an opportunity for veterans to be recognized for the sacrifices they’ve made,” says Lembke.

And although veterans have not always gotten the recognition they deserved, Bob says things have change for the better.

“I just want to say thank you to the veterans,” says Lembke.

More than 50 people were in attendance at the event.

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