Residents reaction to train derailment


ELLENDALE, Minn. – Mary Groth, a resident of Ellendale won’t forget the vent and burn method officials used to mitigate the flammable gas rail cars.

“It shook the house with two big explosions and my son lives way out on Beaver Lake and he heard it and saw the flames. It was that big and the flames were just way up in the air,” says Groth.

Her granddaughter who is the manager at Floors 4 You was forced to shut down the store.

“We missed out on a couple of measuring jobs that we were supposed to go do, but will get those done in the next couple of days and things will get back on track,” says Allison Murlenburg.

Pastor Patrick Stitt spent the day in the cities with his family until things got back to normal, but says he was pleased with how things were handled.

“We’re really fortunate in Ellendale, everyone’s very community minded and community spirited. I mean we just all come together the best we can and so I think everyone did a great job. The police always does a great job, they rapidly went around different houses and they knew which people to talk to get to get the word out,” says Stitt.

As for Allison, she says she’s happy the community was able to come together in their time of need to help one another.

“I cannot believe the amount of assistance they’ve actually had because I heard that FEMA was out, they had a emergency management teams, all of our local fire department and first responders you know I could not have asked for a better team of people.”

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