Making a peaceful statement


MASON CITY, Iowa – Some say there has been a lot of negativity in the presidential campaign — and now there’s violence in some city streets in the days after the election of Donald Trump.

This led Brianna Cooper to try to create a positive atmosphere in Mason City’s Central Park.

She says she wants people to feel loved and know that they’re not alone right now.

“People are thankful, grateful and they are glad that they have maybe a community that they come to and know that they have someone to talk to,” says Cooper.

She says what caused her to take up a sign and start a peaceful protest are policy differences she has with the president-elect, as well as the atmosphere she feels his campaign created.

“Personally, I am worried about a lot of things having to do with women’s reproductive rights, freedom for our own bodies, for friends who are immigrants and minorities that are feeling very singled out,” says Cooper.

Phyllis Willis of Fertile came out to share her thoughts as well.

“I have a lot of thoughts and some of them may be radical, but frankly I don’t think we should live in a world with borders — you know, we’re all human,” says Willis.

As for Brianna, she says she is hopeful this event will create more love and peace to those who need it the most.

“Ultimately I think I just want people to make a friend, to make connections so in the future if they’re having a hard time, they can say, oh I can reach out to this person.”

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