Election law complaint filed to Olmsted County, state


ROCHESTER, Minn. – A former part-time Olmsted County employee has filed a formal election complaint with Olmsted County and the state of Minnesota.

Lona Schreier says she noticed multiple violations in the handling of absentee ballots and Election Day registration from mid-October until early November.  She alleges that election supervisors “cut corners” while processing ballots due to high voter turnout.

Schreier, who says she worked for Olmsted County during three elections, makes the following allegations in her complaint.

  • ID requirements were bypassed at times. Some voters without proper ID were allowed to vote and others were turned away.
  • Absentee ballots were not always inspected by the required two people.
  • There was an incomplete absentee ballot roster with no label affixed and ineligible signatures on multiple occasions.
  • Filled out ballots were exposed to the public before Election Day.
  • The choice of using the absentee ballot envelope or the tabulator was not given to all voters.
  • Absentee ballot labels did not always match the name on the application.
  • Ballots were moved with “no clear understanding of origin/status.”
  • Election supervisors said there was no time to look for discrepancies.

Schreier says she tried to notify supervisors of these alleged problems but no action was apparently taken.  Her complaint states “They likely had budgetary pressure to keep the number of workers and overtime pay to a minimum, or were just plain tired; but I think they should be more concerned with the correctness of the numbers.”

Schreier says she decided to stop working being an election worker for Olmsted County because of this incident.

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