Tis the seen for car break-ins


MASON CITY, Iowa- With the holiday season rapidly approaching, local law enforcement is warning folks about the increase in vehicle break-ins this time of year.

“I always lock my door, it’s automatic for me to do that,” says Eve Zimmerman.

“I’m so accustomed to locking my doors that sometimes I forget to grab my keys and have to call Eve to get the spare,” says Midge Gaylord.

Though both of these Mason City residents are sure to hit the lock buttons on their cars, they say around the holiday season they keep an even closer eye.

“If I have packages that fit in my trunk, I’ll put them in my trunk,” says Gaylord. “I know it’s still not safe, because someone can break your car window, but that is where I would keep my important items.”

Those with the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office have a couple of tips for folks.

“My suggestion is to keep your vehicle locked, don’t leave your gifts or whatever you have, in your vehicle sitting out in the open,” says Lt. Lon Johnson with the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office. “That just creates opportunity for theft that would be criminal to access your car and take these things.”

As for Zimmerman and Gaylord, they know break-ins can happen anywhere.

“No neighborhood is safe,” says Gaylord. “I had a break-in right across the street from me, and Eve had one across from where she lives. It is just really important to keep your car locked.”

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