Warm weather has impact on local businesses


MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s not even Thanksgiving yet but Christmas decorations are out in downtown Mason City as well as residential neighborhoods because the weather has been so warm, it’s allowed many to get out and hang lights before any bad weather hits.

But for those at Mason City Powersports, they’re hoping for some snow by the middle of December. They’ve sold a lot so far this fall, but without snow, sales could taper off.

“We’re not behind by any means right now so if we get some snow in middle December, early December the temperatures drop we’ll be just fine,” Mason City Powersports Sales Manager Rob Determan said.

But for the Cartersville Elevator, they’re hoping any sort of precipitation holds off for as long as possible because they’re storing corn outside right now.

“The crop was big and we ran out of space so we just had to put some on the ground yet to get guys finished up and hopefully we’ll have it picked up before Christmas,” manager Larry Rooney said.

However if it does snow or rain, the elevator could run into problems with damaged product.

“We’ll have some damage issues if it gets hot,” Rooney said. “But like I said, hopefully we don’t have to have it out here too much longer so we can avoid that.”

And at Mason City Powersports if the weather does hold off for a while, they’ll rely on customers who buy sleds to take out of the region to ride.

“Most of our guys buy sleds and they already have other trips planned for the next couple months,” Determan said. “They know exactly where they’re going and when they’re going or they chase the snow, so not a big deal, and a lot of those customers are not really anticipating riding around here anyways.”

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