A local cemetery is vandalized


ALBERT LEA, Minn.- A cemetery is a place where people can gather remember loved ones they’ve lost, but now the Graceland Cemetery has turned into a crime scene after acts of vandalism.

“The cemetery gives families a place to visit and remember loved ones by going back and repaying their respects,” said Alan Christensen, Administrator for Graceland Cemetery.

For Christensen this is a hard sight to see.

“I came up on the hill back over here and saw these stones and it just brought me to tears thinking that somebody could do this much damage,” said Christensen.

Many pots in the military section were even tipped over.

“With Veterans Day being here and the talk about how we appreciate veterans, how could somebody disrespect our veterans like that,” said Christensen.

However, the Albert Lea Police Department is still trying to catch those responsible.

“It’s going to take community support,” said JD Carlson, Deputy Director for the Albert Lea Police Department. “Right now with our social media and news outlets the word is getting out that Albert Lea has suffered and Graceland Cemetery has suffered such a tragedy.”

Police are asking for the public’s help in finding those responsible for the vandalism.

“What it’s going to take to find out who did this is if family members, friends or someone who has overheard someone talking about this is strong enough to report it to law enforcement,” said Carlson.

The older gravestones that were damaged went all the way back to the late 1800’s.

If you have information on who might have committed these crimes the ALPD encourages you to contact Detective Deb Flatness or Sergeant Jay Crabtree. Their numbers are 507-377-5219 and 507-377-5250.

If you want to know if your loved one’s gravesite is damaged, you can contact Brad Wedge at 507-396-3755


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