Apprentice Day


MASON CITY, Iowa – There are hundreds, thousands of options for careers out there and finding the right one can be difficult, so getting your feet wet in different jobs early can be a good way to go. And many of those jobs need some hands-on training and one way to get that is through an apprenticeship. And a panel on Tuesday is showing job seekers and businesses the rewards of apprenticeships.

It’s something one North Iowa company is ready to get on board with.

“We are just in the beginning stages of that and working through the details,” Hanlontown Poet Biorefining General Manager Kelly Hansen said. “We found it really actually quite easy to set up the apprenticeship program.”

Those at the state level are anticipating that more apprenticeship programs will be keeping young adults in the state in the future.

“Iowa is not a super populous states so we really view apprenticeships as the way to retain our sons and daughters within the region,” Tyler Wyngarden of the Technology Association of Iowa said.

Wyngarden believes apprenticeship programs will only help companies build relationships with the workers they’re looking for.

“A lot of these companies can benefit from training their own so they can bring somebody and give them the skills that they need at just the time that they need them and latter that career path and it makes a big difference for the industry to have people working today,” he said.

And Hansen agrees, hoping it’ll start a long-term partnership between his business and the apprentices.

“This is an opportunity where a person can on-the-job learn a skill or a variety of skills and that becomes not only marketable but it’s a win-win for the company that is sponsoring the apprenticeship,” Hansen said.

He said Poet is hoping to fill a couple apprenticeship openings in the next couple of months.

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