Going Bald for Bebo


WELLS, Minn – It’s a parents worst nightmare: Having a child diagnosed with cancer. As that nightmare becomes a reality for a Southern Minnesota family, the community is coming together to show their support.

First grader Bebo Getchell was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He’s currently undergoing intense treatment in Rochester. But he’s not facing this battle alone. His tight knit community of Wells is rallying around him.

Third grader Kolt Bullerman isn’t getting a typical haircut.

“I’m shaving my head for my friend Bebo. He has cancer,” said Bullerman.

People of all ages are going bald for Bebo.

“I know that Bebo is a good kid and that he deserves a chance that each and every one of us had. This is for him and this is his day,” said Myrna Boggess, who works at Bebo’s school and shaved her head in his honor.

“It’s overwhelming, but it’s a good overwhelming, It’s more than we could ever expect,” said Tanya Bird, who organized the event.

It’s a show of solidarity for a little boy who is facing a big fight.

“Even in the hard times, we’re seeing good, the goodness of people. It’s a blessing,” said Bird.

And there was one more big moment of the night. Bebo wasn’t expected to be there because he would be in the hospital in Rochester. But he surprised everyone by showing up later in the night to get his head shaved.

And you didn’t have to shave your head to show support. Many people got their hair dyed or braided, or even had their nails painted in honor of Bebo.

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