Golden Apple: Renee Boss


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – Renee Boss has been teaching for the past 19 years and is currently the band director at Charles City Middle School.

“Every time you do something, she just encourages you beyond belief,” says Lilly Usher, 8th Grade Student.

Inspiring students like Lilly Usher to be successful.

“You can always talk to Mrs. Boss and your day just gets better automatically,” says Lilly.

“It’s far more important to me that we have really good kids that have empathy towards others and are good responsible citizens, that’s far more important whether or not they can play nine of their major scales,” says Boss, Band Director.

Lilly has been in Mrs. Boss class since the 5th grade and says she continues to grow as a student.

“My musical knowledge has definitely grown being in Mrs. Boss class. I’ve had a lot of different opportunities.”

Lilly says she is thankful to have played a role in nominating Mrs. Boss, but wishes other teachers were honored as well.

“I feel like there’s a lot of teachers that don’t get recognized and they go above and beyond of what a teacher has to do.”

And Mrs. Boss has one important message for parents…

“It’s so important to encourage your children to be a part of instrumental music. It’s one of the very few activities that if you ever take part of that actually uses your entire brain at the same time and that does indeed help your child grow and mature.”

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