“Kids Build” with the help of area carpenters


ROCHESTER, Minn. – Elementary students at Folwell in Rochester got to learn from the best on Tuesday afternoon as they built wood toolboxes with area carpenters.

The North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters Local 1382 worked with 390 K-5th graders. Each month, the carpenters union hosts “Kids Build” workshops at their training center, but this is the first time they taken the workshop into an area school.

“A lot of them have never built anything, swung a hammer so, just letting them know that there’s other stuff out there for them to do,” says James Hendricks with the union. “Arts and crafts is another hobby that they could do outside of other sports and stuff that they already do.”

“It’s for the community,” explains Dominic Andrist, a business representative with the union. “It’s a great project and a great process for them to learn and understand what we do, and maybe it’s something they’ll want to do in the future.”

The workshop was such a success, they hope to continue to work with local schools to do more of these outreach events.




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