What’s on your phone?


MASON CITY, Iowa – With a variety of smartphone apps for shopping and paying bills, many people don’t mind saving personal information on their devices.

Iowa Cell Phones and Repair owner Philip Biermann said if your phone is stolen or lost, having personal information just a finger click away can be dangerous.

Biermann said smartphone users should also be careful on what they have auto-saved.

“If they have their phone to auto log-in to things like your PayPal and stuff like that, they can go to town buying stuff. They can’t grab that information and take it for themselves, but just a simple look up or information you have on emails.”

Devyn Kilar-Johnson of Mason City said being constantly busy, it’s easier to store personal information like debit card information, pictures, notes, emails and appointments on her phone rather than pieces of paper thrown in her purse.

“I keep my bank account number in my notes (iPhone app), just so I don’t forget it, somebody could easily get into my bank account,” said Kilar-Johnson. “It’s probably not smart.”

Biermann said the easiest way to stay protected is a password. He recommends iPhone users use the thumb print code option, too.



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