UPDATE: Recount finished in Winnebago County


UPDATE: 9:05 p.m. Monday – Results from the recount of the Winnebago County sheriff’s race are now complete.  According to the county auditor’s office, Sheriff David Peterson remains the winner with 2,903 votes.  His challenger, Chief Deputy Steven Hepperly finishes with 2,881.

The recount was requested by Hepperly after the original count revealed a 19-vote win by Peterson after absentee ballots were counted.

From earlier:

FOREST CITY, Iowa – A recount is happening in the election for Winnebago County sheriff.

County officials say it began Wednesday after a request by candidate Steven Hepperly.  Incumbent Sheriff David Peterson was 23 votes ahead on election night and that dropped to 19 votes after all absentee ballots were counted.

The recount will resume Friday.  Some absentee ballots that came in with postmarks of Nov. 8 or 9 will not be included.

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