Fox River Mills sold to private equity firm


OSAGE, Iowa – LongWater Opportunities, a private equity firm from Texas, bought Fox River Mills. For more than four decades, the sock-making company in Osage has been owned by the Lessard family.

“Is a shocker, they’ve (Fox River Mills) been in business for how long,” said Debra May of Osage. “It is a shock.”

May said Fox River Mills has made some of the best socks around. She said as the owner of Debbie’s Quilt Shop & Gifts in downtown Osage, she likes the idea of purchasing her products close to home.

“I’m wearing them right now,” said May. “At the arch of your foot, they are like elastic there so they fit really good on your feet.”

Mitchell County Economic Development Executive Director Brenda Dryer said the new owners at LongWater Opportunities are excited to do business in Osage and Iowa. She said operations will continue as normal and current employees don’t have worry about jobs being on the line.

“The positive message here to us, is that everyone (currently employed) has a job,” said Dryer. “It’s on our jobs now to able to position the opportunity of Osage and the capacity we have here to take on additional work.”

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