Mason City hotel had many health violations


MASON CITY, Iowa – A North Iowa hotel is facing closure because of health and safety violations. The American Best Inn and Suites has been hit with white tags, saying there is a no occupancy deadline of December 1. It came about after a complaint to public health at the end of October that there was mold and the rooms weren’t clean. Officials inspected every room and found it wasn’t acting as a motel facility because residents were living in the rooms long-term.

“Hotels are required to provide a clean towel to each of their residence each day they are also required to provide clean bedding and a clean glass and a clean space in the room,” Kara Morel with the Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health.

The department of public health took away the motel’s license on November 14, meaning it was under the city’s jurisdiction as a housing property at that point. The city then served the notice of the no occupants by December 1.

“We found quite an array of violations that under our housing code were some were quite serious and because of the scope and number of violations that were there we had to do something,” Ray Quayle, who is the Housing Inspector and Zoning Administrator in Mason City said.

Morel says residents were receiving mail and providing their own furnishings. The next step is for the owners to make repairs so the building can get back up to code.

“We can’t have the occupants in there while the repairs are being made because the health and safety risk you got the possibilities of mold and asbestos, lead paint,” Quayle said. “We don’t know what they’re going to encounter.”

One resident of the hotel, who has lived there for two months, says workers are trying to clean up the property and many of the rooms look nice in his opinion.

But according to the Cerro Gordo County Public Health inspection report it found mattresses and curtains were heavily soiled.

The hotel is owned by Ace Ventures LLC and one of the owners is Aileen Prabhakaran, a doctor in Mason City. At this time we’ve reached out, but she hasn’t responded.

Here’s a link to the inspection report: American Best Inspection Report

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