What type of sleeper are you?


MASON CITY, Iowa – For years, many thought there were only two types of sleepers: early birds and night owls.

Now, that’s changing.

According to Doctor Michael Breaus, who is known as “the sleep doctor,” there are actually four types of sleepers: lions, bears, wolves and dolphins.

He says about 15 percent of people are early risers or lions who are most awake during the morning.  Another 15 percent, known as wolves, are most alert during the evening.

The majority of people were found to be the most alert during mid-morning or early afternoon and they are known as bears.

Ten percent are insomniacs or dolphins who are most alert late at night.

“I’m also of those people that will lie awake on my phone at night until I’m like, oh geez, I need to sleep,” Rachel Hobkirk from Stacyville said.

“Most of the time I would accidentally sleep late at night but I am an early riser,” Monique Concepcion from Charles City said.

Understanding your chronotype can help you become more productive, but it can change as you age.


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