Wind turbine project moving forward in Franklin County


HAMPTON, Iowa- After Alliant Energy was recently approved for a nearly $1 billion wind energy project by the Iowa Utilities Board, they are now looking at where they can build the turbines.

A meeting held Thursday gave folks in Franklin County a chance to come talk to those companies about the benefit of having a wind turbine on their property.

“I’d like 4 or 5 of them myself,” say John Hamilton of Hampton.

But with around 80 turbines going up in Franklin County for phase one of the project, which is estimated to be about half of the entire project, they are going to need a lot more people willing to participate in the project.

“We will be moving forward with a design and layout based on interest through 2016 so that we can prepare for construction certainly by Spring 2018 or even late 2017,” says the Director of Project Developer, Ben Lipari. “We would like to be able to build as many of phase two of the project in Franklin County as well.”

Phase two would include the other half of the project. Lipari says with how cooperative folks in the area have been during previous projects, he is confident more will be built in the county.

“We’ve been here in Franklin County serving the community with that wind turbine operation for a number of years,” says Lipari. “We look at options to do additional wind development. It’s natural energy and we’ve been very welcomed here.”

“We need this here, we need the jobs we need this to bring more kids to the school systems,” says Hamilton.

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