“It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas” all through Music Man Square


MASON CITY, IA- The annual “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas” event is one of the largest fundraiser for Music Man Square.

Folks can check out over 35 Christmas Trees all decorated in different colors and themes, and each window also has highly decorated in lights and garland.

“It makes you feel like the start of the Christmas season,” says Marty Greder of Mason City.

Greder has attended this event for the last 2 years.

“This is a real special place in this town,” she says. “Without it I think would be a wreck, so I am a huge supporter of Music Man Square.”

Those on the Music Man Square say they need more people like Greder willing to help out in supporting the Mason City icon and help offset some of the unavoidable costs.

“Operational expenses has been hurting us in the last year,” says Barbra Hovland, a Music Man square Board Member. “Our heating bill alone is $5,000 to $7000. This is just one of the ways to help offset our operational expenses going into 2017.”

As for Greder, she says she will help out anyway she can.

“We’ve come here many times and whenever we have guests from out of town we bring them here,” she says. “It’s such a show place and everybody remembers the music man so is the place to be.”

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