Lost wedding ring found with help


MASON CITY, Iowa- Wedding rings aren’t just costly, they have sentimental value. What if you lose yours?

Heather Stubbe of Mason City said her wedding ring is irreplaceable, so this past weekend when she lost her ring raking leaves in her yard, she was devastated.

After searching for days, Stubbe reached out to a Facebook group called “Detecting the Heartland” that specializes in mental detection. She said the next day, a man named John Zahn from Webster City came by and found the ring by the front yard tree.

“While I was inside, he [Zahn] sent me text message with a picture of my ring that said ‘look familiar?,'” said Stubbe. “I sprinted outside and I think I probably started crying immediately and sure enough he had it in his hand.”

Stubbe said the experience restored her faith in humanity, especially because the man who helped find the wedding ring was there offering help without asking for any type of reward. She said though he didn’t ask for money, she couldn’t let him leave without a little cash to at least repay him for the gas it took to drive to her home.


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