Preparing drivers for colder weather


MASON CITY, Iowa- There is a definite shift in weather this week and with Thanksgiving and Black Friday coming up, a lot of people will be on the road. Graham Tire mechanic Hunter Lee provided some tips to keep families safe as we enter into the cold season.

Lee said drivers should make sure to have their cars looked at. “A full tire check, make sure there’s nothing wrong with them. Make sure they [tires] are at the right PSI, make sure they are safe to go on their trip.”

With temperature changes, it’s important to check fluid levels underneath the hood including oil, antifreeze, break fluid and windshield wiper fluid.

“When you’re following semis in the winter time, they like to throw up a lot of snow,” said Lee. “You can use [windshield] washer fluid but they also make De-icer ones for the winter time.”

Lee said it’s also important to have the engine checked. “If it’s not cranking over or it’s got a slow crank over or it doesn’t want to start, then your battery is probably not good.”

An first aid kit can be helpful when traveling in case of emergency, providing items such as blankets, jumper cables, flashlights, and an air compressor.

Lee said if the roads look scary, he recommends leaving a little earlier than usual to give yourself enough time to get to your final destination.


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