Benefit For Mike


MASON CITY, Iowa – Earlier this year Mike Hegtvedt was diagnosed with multiple myeloma which is a form of cancer.

Since then family and friends have joined him in the fight and honored him with a benefit along with celebrating his 45th wedding anniversary with his wife Wendy.

“Seeing how much everybody loves Mike and Wendy and the outpouring has just been really heartwarming and very overwhelming,” says Carla Miller, Committee Member.

Mike is a realtor and auctioneer and is well known for lending out a helping hand to people throughout North Iowa.

But says his wife and close friends have been his biggest supporters.

“When you have a lot of friends that step in it really helps. Wendy has been a godsend and I feel that anybody that’s a caretaker thank them because they do a lot for the people that are sick,’ says Mike.

And in spite of Mike’s circumstances he still finds a way to stay positive.

“He’s always up for a challenge and we always say that we have lots of lots of exciting experiences with Mike’s amazing adventures because he is always willing to try anything and do anything,” says Miller.

Right now the cancer maintenance has been put on hold with Mayo to find out more with Mike’s health condition, but Mike says he will remain hopeful through the process.

“We’re just kind of working it out and I think is going to work itself out and then we’re going to have to go back at this cancer which is multiple myeloma which I’ve been told I would never not have it, but I’m going to have a lot of fun until I don’t.”

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