QPS Employee Program


MASON CITY, Iowa – Around this time of year many families face hardships due to a lack of income and not being able to find a job.

But one organization wants you to know there’s help out there.

QPS Employment Group launched a new job assistance program for the holiday season.

They hire employees to provide temporary work for other companies.

Now QPS leaders say they want to show their appreciation by providing nearly 7,000 certificates for turkeys for their employees.

Gabe Gulick, the Regional Vice President of QPS Employment Group says the goal is to help their employees in their careers.

“We do have double digit jobs that we are trying to fill right now, so their definitely is a need but even if we don’t have a job today that suits your skills what we do a lot of times is we take your resume and we talk to the contacts that we have to see if they are interested in someone a lot of times we’ve been able to create openings that way.”

QPS is also giving $125 dollars in referral bonuses to those who refer new employees.

They’ve handed out around 28,000 in bonuses so far.

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