Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner


MASON CITY, Iowa – It was a packed house at the Knights Of Columbus as senior citizens gathered for their Annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

This is the 3rd year for the community tradition after being canceled.

“Three years ago when it was canceled people were kind of shocked and wanted to make sure that we kept this annual event going and so I’m very happy,” says Matthew Chizek, CEO of CENT Credit Union.

And attendees who come every year were also happy to stop by and enjoy a hot delicious meal.

“We come out here every year it’s always a great dinner and he likes the turkey dinners we hit them all around when they have it we go to all the churches and this seems to be the last one just before Thanksgiving,” says Carol Johnson.

The event is sponsored By Diamond Jo Casino, Cent Credit Union, Knights of Columbus, Smithfield, Thrivent Financial and Marvin Brothers.

“Not one person is signed up to volunteer right now this is all just the greater good and people coming out and people helping people which is a great philosophy to always have,” says Chizek.

“We see some people that come every year and we talk to them and just about every time you see them there’s food around so we hit all the places and it’s kind of nice to see them,” says Johnson.

As for Chizek, he says the most rewarding part is showing their appreciation.

“They deserve it and have done so much not just for North Iowa, but for our country and so there’s nothing better to just give back to the people that potentially don’t have any family in the area.”

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