Stacyville man now facing huge fine over old tires


OSAGE – A Mitchell County man is now facing a $110,000 penalty for environmental violations.

60-year-old Gary Eggers of Stacyville has been ordered to pay that amount for illegally operating a waste tire collection site and repeatedly dumping tires onto his property and letting them wash into a nearby creek.  A Mitchell County judge issued a default judgment against Eggers after he failed to respond to a state environmental lawsuit filed in September.

That lawsuit claimed that Eggers has illegally dumped and stored tires on his property since at least 2013.  The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has investigated several complaints against Eggers and issued him two notices of environmental violations in 2015.  The DNR also sent out an administrative order on August 31, 2015, that ordered Eggers to stop collecting tires, provide evidence that existing tires were being properly disposed of and to pay a $10,000 penalty.

Eggers has allegedly ignored the DNR and refused to pay any money.

The judge’s order now adds a $100,000 penalty on top of the DNR requirements and demands Eggers stop running an unlicensed auto salvage yard until he receives proper authorization from the state.

To see the default judgment against Eggers, click here.

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