Bars preparing for a busy night on Wednesday


ALBERT LEA, Minn. – Many  people will be heading home to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday. It’s one of the busiest nights of the year at bars and restaurants as people catch up with family and friends they haven’t seen in a while.

Workers here at 112 on Broadway are stacking their shelves and ordering extra food to prepare for a busy night, but they’re also making sure that the people who will be drinking are doing it safely.

“We have homemade pretzels and a food menu available until about 10 at night, that way it can soak up some of the alcohol,” said Butch Donavan, Bartender at 112 on Broadway.

Many people will be gathering at local establishments like the 112 bar and grill and while you’re encouraged to have a good time, you’re asked to do so responsibly.

“The goal for us working the holidays is for everyone to arrive safely and get home safely after their time celebrating,” said Lt. Darren Hanson, Albert Lea Police Department.

Law enforcement agencies across the area will have extra patrols out the roads keeping an eye out for drunk drivers.

“With the Thanksgiving holiday people like to get together and celebrate and we encourage that, but we encourage you to do it and be smart about it,” said Hanson. “If you’re going to have something to drink please have a designated driver.”

Customer safety is their top priority at 112.

”If they get too carried away, we’ll cut them off and call them a cab and make sure they go out of the place,” said Donavan.

Donavan says they check ID’s at the door instead of when they’re seated because it gets busy and they want to make sure everyone who is drinking is legal.

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