Golden Apple: Dave Ciccetti


MASON CITY, Iowa – It was a special day for students at Mason City Alternative School as they were honored with first quarter awards.

Along with surprising their principal Dave Ciccetti, who started out as a teacher right out of college and has been a part of the school since then.

“He shows up every single day and that encourages me to come every day,” says student AnnaJillian Hernendez.

“Anytime you are recognized by kids or your students, I think that’s really important and that means that you’re doing something right,” says Ciccetti.

AnnaJillian has been a student of Mr. Cicetti for the past three years and says she was honored to nominate him for all he has done.

“It may just be a piece of paper, but to him it’s a lot and it shows a lot of recognition and you see a lot of teachers get that.”

At the school, students are able to learn valuable skill sets that will prepare them for their future.

“Students come here for the most part they’re trying to recover credits to make up for some academic mistakes that they made so that they have a chance to graduate. Once they get here, though, we’re looking at their lifelong skills. We want them to be lifelong learners, so we really promote them going on to school,” says Cicetti.

Cicetti says he also credits his staff for all of their hard work with the students.

“This kind of work is not for everybody, so it’s kind of a calling. It’s either for you or it’s not for you and we work very closely together.”


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