Thanksgiving meal brings community together


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – “Food always brings people together.” That sentiment holds true as hundreds gathered to eat, and dozens volunteered to serve up a Thanksgiving dinner.

For Brice Petersen the reward is in seeing the smiles on the faces of those getting a homemade turkey dinner.

“It’s great to actually serve the community and provide a Thanksgiving for those who can’t prepare for themselves or just don’t know of anyone who can actually bring it to them,” Petersen said. “So we get it share in celebrating it with them.”

The meal is organized each year by a different church in town and brings together friends and family and gives many the chance to meet new people and celebrate together.

“It’s that whole sense of community that everyone belongs and we have something like this where it’s a free will offering, you don’t have to make any reservations, you don’t have to pay for the meal, you just get to spend some time with other people who are also thankful,” organizer Sandy Christ said.

Petersen agrees, saying many years they have people asking how they can take part next year, as a volunteer.

“The true meaning is people coming in search of what can I do maybe the next year to help out in many different ways in my community,” he said.

Organizers expected about 300 people to attend.

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