Surviving Black Friday


MASON CITY, Iowa – They stand in the cold; they have good deals dancing in their heads.  How they survive days like Black Friday one only knows.

“We don’t sleep very much and we make sure we get to Kwik Star to get our big coffee,” Penny Froilend and her friends cheered outside at Mills Fleet Farm.

“Requirements for Black Friday would be lots of coffee and getting up early and beating the lines,” Austin Gould from Swisher said after checking out.

Beating the lines, we’re not quite sure on that.  Coffee being a person’s best friend, we’re sure of.

“We’re pulling an all-nighter so none of us have had any sleep and we are definitely drinking coffee,” Deb Hill from Alexander Iowa said waiting in the cold.

Food is an option.

“Gas station food and gas station coffee,’ Gould answered.

As folks push their way through the aisles at Mills Fleet Farm it’s obvious they’re on a mission.  Not just for the good prices on ammo, not just to stock up on dog food, but to see if they can survive a day like this.

“It’s just a good family and friend time,” Froilend said.

“We’re just running off adrenaline at this point,” Hill said.

Another way to survive people told us include a nice nap after the shopping.

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