Small Business Saturday


KIMT NEWS 3 – “One of my customers said this is great and he said I’m only shopping at small businesses today and I really appreciate the small businesses,” says Sue Frelund, Salesperson for Otto’s Oasis.

Shoppers filled the streets and local businesses in honor of small business Saturday.

Like Meckenna Schmidt, who come out to Celebrations, Gifts and Toys every year to shop at the annual event.

“You know you don’t go to other towns and find the same thing each town has their own special thing and is unique, so and to give back to the stores is fun and seeing what they do for us,” says Meckenna.

The owner of Celebrations, Gifts and Toys says she looks forward to this day every year.

“Because it’s our opportunity to say thank you for people to support us, so we try to do that by having refreshments available, little gifts here and there and discounts and whatever it is that we can offer them,” says Tami Staker.

“Well it’s important to support the small businesses in town to keep them going instead of shopping out of town and it’s just handy and we enjoy it and it’s such a nice day today everybody should be out doing this,” says Susan Reindal, Shopper.

Sue Frelund is a Designer and Salesperson for Otto’s Oasis in Mason City. She says one thing she values the most are the relationships she has with her customers.

“We can give personal service by talking if they call on the phone they’re talking to the person that makes up the flowers probably and so they get big and very special service.”

“The workers and the people are very nice and they make it fun for us to be here and make it fun for us to come back to the store and shop and they are very helpful in giving to the community,” says Meckenna.


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