Alleged double homicide witness speaks


MASON CITY, Iowa – “I saw one person get murdered in front of me, that’s nothing to see.”

The witness of the alleged homicide tells us that he saw what happened on Nov. 17 in Mason City.  He says he saw two of his friends were murdered.

“I would have never been there; I would have never been there if I knew that was going to happen, never in my life. Now, I have to live with myself, that’s not good,” the witness said.

Mason City police say 54-year-old Melinda Kavars and 37-year-old Caleb Christensen were killed in Christensen’s home.  Kavars died of a gunshot wound.  The cause of Christensen’s death was from several sharp force injuries.

30-year-old Peter Veal is charged with both murders and he’s also facing an additional charge of attempted murder for trying to kill the witness we’re speaking to.

He says he was able to escape, telling us he was hit in the head by a gun before he ran out of the house.  He then called 911.

“I said there was a shooting, my good friend got shot in the throat.  I don’t know about my other friend,” the witness claimed to dispatch.

“Where you at?” A dispatcher asked.

“I’m in the Highlands,” the witness replied.

Now, he tells KIMT he’s thankful to be alive.

“I think the lord was on my side, said I got somewhere else for you to go,” the witness said.

He says his heart breaks for the families of the victims.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry and don’t blame it on me.  That’s all I ask.”

Police say the witness was not hospitalized for his injuries, confirming that everyone in the house that night knew each other.

They found Veal and all three victims with no weapons on them.

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