Cyber Monday


MASON CITY, Iowa – Bailey Baker is taking advantage of Cyber Monday.

She’s searching for low price flights.

”I don’t really shop for a lot of like clothing or personal items. If I happen to stumble across something I may pick it up, but I don’t have a lot of planned items yet,” says Baker.

And she makes security a top priority when shopping online.

“I try to make sure that where I shop is certified and I kind of pick and choose what kind of websites I shop on.”

From major companies like Amazon to local businesses, retailers are hoping to cash in.

“I think a lot of people like to do shopping at home, so you can do it online if you got kids you know you don’t want to bundle them all up and take them out with all the other people and things like that and you can just have a computer and place all your Christmas orders that way,” says Kara Ruge.

Kara Ruge is the owner of Baby Buggy.

She creates handmade items for babies like bibs and crib sheets.

She’s running a Cyber Monday sale giving her customers a good deal while earning some extra money for her family.

“So when they go to bed at night if they are playing nice on their own, that kind of thing, then I can sit down and get a couple stitches done and goes into them I can do those kinds of things, it gives me a little reprieve, so turning this hobby into a business has been has just giving us some fun money to play with.”

And while Bailey may miss the Cyber Monday discount, she won’t miss the offers flooding her inbox.

“However, we also are getting all the text messages and emails, you know come here get this, so it is kind of bombarding to your phone to your email account.”

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