More retailers opting not to open on Thanksgiving this year


ROCHESTER, Minn. – The largest mall in the country, the Mall of America, surprised many by announcing that for the first time in years, they will remain closed on Thanksgiving.

More retailers seem to be following that trend in 2016 and are not opening their doors until Black Friday morning.

We checked in with some local businesses including the Furniture Superstore in Rochester. The owner tells us that despite pressure to compete with other stores that do open early, it’s more important to him that his employees have the holiday off.


“They’re working retail hours which is long nights and weekends, every weekend and I think they deserve one day to be with their families,” explains Jim Sather, Owner of Furniture Superstore. “I think as a society it’s important that we identify a few days that we’re just not going to do business.”

Sather says that his store will open just an hour earlier than normal on Friday at 8:00am.

For those who do want to get some shopping done on Thanksgiving, there are plenty of options including the Apache Mall in Rochester and Southbridge Mall in Mason City, both will open at 6 p.m. Thursday night.




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